Europe’s Migrant Crisis


Thousands of people migrating from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and more to Europe are facing hardships and discrimination. Violence and harsh conditions in these Middle Eastern countries are the primary causes for migration and lots of them will go to extreme lengths to experience a better life in Europe. Migrating from one country to another can be a very difficult thing to accomplish, in some instances people die along the way.

Abdullah Yassouf is a migrant from Homs, Syria who migrated all the way to Germany with his wife and three daughters. They left their city from a violent uprising and fled to Turkey, two months later they were informed that their house and shop they owned in Homs was destroyed. After hearing on the media that Germany was the best place for migrants they decided to migrate there.

He and his eldest daughter traveled to Germany leaving his wife and two younger daughters in Turkey. They traveled by ship and paid smugglers in Turkey $6,000 USD, for each person, to travel on board. In a cargo ship was how they traveled, in it were roughly 1,000 other Syrians. For seven days at sea, the two traveled from Mersin in Turkey to Catania in Italy. “We suffered in the ship from lack of food, water and toilets.” Says Abdullah Yassouf. After they successfully landed in Italy they then traveled by bus to Milan, took a train from Milan to Verona and then another train from Verona to Munich, from Munich they took a train to Saarbrucken, Germany.

Abdullah Yassouf and his family were very fortunate to have successfully migrated from Syria to Germany, however not everyone is that lucky. In the voyage from Libya to Italy, for example, more than 2,800 migrants are reported to have died trying to make the crossing this year. In fact a total of 3,406 people have died in the Mediterranean in 2015 while trying to flee to Europe.

Some of those who do manage to cross over face discrimination. In countries such as Hungary migrants are rejected, recently a border fence was built to keep them out. Their Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, claims that last week that he was defending European Christianity against Muslims. “Everything which is now taking place before our eyes threatens to have explosive consequences for the whole of Europe,” he says.

In my opinion these migrants don’t deserve hate or discrimination, they’ve struggled and worked hard to travel to Europe for a better life. A lot of these people have left behind their homes, loved ones, and their possessions. They’re so desperate and willing to do whatever it takes to escape that they’ll pay thousands of dollars, go days without food, water, or even sunlight. They’ll risk their lives to get what their home country can’t give them: a better life.



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