Syria’s Lost Girls

Syira-a country whose people have been devasted by civil war- is losing its young girls. Thounsands of teenage girls are being married off to older men by their parents in order to protect them from poverty and the horrors of Syia’s civil war.  Child mariges are a growing problem around the world, and the United Nations labeled it as gender-based violence. The United Nations have found that it is statistically proven that chilren in child marriges are at a higher risk for abuse from their hunsbands and deadly compilcations from childbirth.

Marwa, for example, is 15 year old a wife and mother of her 1 year old son. Her parents married her off for her protection. Marrige in exchange for protection is creating some kind of “lost generation” of young teenage girls who have lost their childhoods because of war.  Marwa admitted in front of her husband that she married him for economic sequrity, and would not have married him if there was no war. If cconditions were better, Marwa explained, she would’ve studied to become a pharmacist, not a wife.


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