Denmark approves Law to Take Valuables of Asylum Seekers

Recently a law was passed in Denmark which allows them to take valueables worth  $1,500 or more from Syrian refugees seeking asylum. This law has been critized as controversial because Denmark has a reputaion for being a country that supports and stands for tolerance and social democratic values.

Pocessions such as mobile phones, watches, and jewelry–not including wedding rings–are items that are likely to be seized by the Danish Goverment. Items with sentimental value, on the other hand, will not be seized, such as family portriats and medals. Yet the question arises: Why seize the pocessions of Syrian refugees?

According to the Danish goverment this law ensures that the incoming Syrian refugees will contribute to Denmark’s welfare state. The Syrian refugees will be reciving language training, universal health care, education from preschoool to University, and elderly care all paid for by the goverment.

Some of commented that this is actually Denmark atempting to discourage refugees from entering the country. However this has only been applied to 120 out of 66,000 Syrian asylum seekers.


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