The Family Business


Meet Gary Snow (featured right above), a loving father and hardworking business owner, and his daughter, Marisa Snow (featured left above). Marisa Snow is not only an expert in the study of diamonds and gems but also next in line to take on the management of Snow Jewelers, a jewelery and watch repair store that’s been open in the town of Miami Lakes since 1984.

Though this is not its first location, in fact it is their fourth. Having been a success in 1958 in the city of Hialeah the original owners, Edward and Ida Snow, decided it was time to expand. During this time the family friendly town of Miami Lakes was still a work in progress and had just finished building its first shopping plaza today known as Main Street.With the construction of Main Street complete the owners of Snow Jewelers had signed a lease there and together this couple was the first to do so in this newly built shopping plaza.

Edward Snow was a World War 2 veteran  who, after the war, was not in the best condition of health, and described by Gary Snow “needed a job that would allow him to sit down.” Given that Edward was skillful in mechanics has chosen to make a living repairing watches. Additionally his wife, Ida Snow, was an experienced salesperson and for many years sold dresses. With Edward’s skills and Ida’s experience, together this couple opened up Snow Jewelers.

Years passed, Edward and Ida Snow grew older and eventually passed on leaving Snow Jewelers in the hands of their son, Gary Snow. Old photographs of the two as well as a miniature model of Edward’s former airplane hang upon the walls of Snow Jewelers.

Gary Snow, now being 67 years old, passes Snow Jewelers onto his daughter, Marisa Snow. When asked how they run their business Gary Snow responded “We operate our business with honesty and with that we build trust with our customers.”




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